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Our Philosophy

Jurta is a synonym for Italian quality knitwear, designed and created with love, passion and an eye for detail in one of the most exciting and famous landscapes in Italy: the Amalfi Coast. Jurta has revolutionized the way that yarn is processed by using unique and innovative techniques. The brand is inspired by the name and the tradition of the Mongolian jurta, a tent used by the Mongols as a place to store and process fine cashmere yarn. There are several links between the brand and the Mongolian tent: the first one is about the “origin”, in other words, the place where the cashmere is born and where the raw materials are hand woven inside the yurt. The second connection refers to the ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the external environment. Thanks to its features the Mongolian tent can be disassembled, moved and rebuilt quickly, allowing the Mongols and their families to move fast during periods of transhumance. With the same approach the brand Jurta tries to adapt itself to a rapidly changing and more and more demanding market.


Made in Italy




Production Plant

Address: Via Matteo Senato Florio 90, 80051 Agerola (NA)
Telephone: +39 0818791555